Bryce Jardine...


I met Bryce Jardine in person for the first time in summer of 2011. He had previously contacted me through my own website about wanting to make a record. Upon hearing his demos, there was no question that there was an undeniably unique voice and passionate songwriter  within this young artist.  From the get-go of our first encounter, we discussed the direction of his music and the influences. Very few people I’ve met at Bryce’s age would know who Townes Van Zant was, let alone hold him as one of their personal heroes.  His knowledge of quality modern music also piqued my interest.


We decided that our ego’s seemed to be in sync enough to work together, and within the month, we had started playing together, hashing out arrangements. We then entered The Lincoln County Social Club recording studio in Toronto with John Dinsmore (NQ Arbuckle, Kathleen Edwards) engineering.  Bryce and I covered most of the instruments, with special guests like Aaron Goldstien (pedal steel, City and Colour, Cowboy Junkies),  Michael O’Grady (tin whistle, The Mahones) and Serena Ryder (EMI recording artist, Juno Award winning vocalist) adding their special talents to Bryce’s unique songs.


What came out of those sessions is a dynamic album filled with grace, hope and redemption. I believe we achieved the record we wanted to complete: A solid, roots/rock record, steeped in the past and the future.  This is not a throwback record. This is NOW.



Derek Downham (The Beauties/Six Shooter records)