Six Shooter Records...


Six Shooter Records is an independent record label, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The music label was founded by Shauna de Cartier in 2000. Artists who have released material on the label include Jenn Grant, Amelia Curran, Elliott Brood, Luke Doucet, Christine Fellows, Ford Pier, Captain Tractor, Martin Tielli, Justin Rutledge, Veal, NQ Arbuckle, Wendy McNeill and Valery Gore. Six Shooter Records is distributed by Warner Music Canada in Canada, by Alternative Distribution Alliance in the USA and by ADA Global outside of North America.


Six Shooter also provides label management services for Flemish Eye, Nrmls Wlcm Records, and Soccer Mom Records, and band management for Rheostatics, Shout Out Out Out Out, Whitey Houston, Jenn Grant, Royal Wood, Hawksley Workman, Melissa McClelland and The Wet Secrets.


Founder Shauna de Cartier says she is motivated by "the art, rather than the commerce". Six Shooter artist Justin Rutledge agrees with this, stating "They encourage artists to go with their gut, with total artistic licence." De Cartier expanded on this statement in a 2009 interview with the Ottawa XPress: "The label comes from a core value that I hold about the importance of art in our society, I look for artists who are career artists who are going to be making music and art until they're dead, [like] it's not just something they're trying on, or something that has an expiry date on it, or that they're doing to make money. I tend to look for the real thing."


Six Shooter Records has been praised for its sense of authenticity and community. Luke Doucet, a Six Shooter artist since 2000, has said that "One of the things that I always hoped that playing rock'n'roll music would achieve was that you get to be in a gang. Instead of being the lone nerd who gets beat up by the quarterback of the football team because you're awkward and small, you have a gang of the cool guys because they play music, and there is a bit of that with Six Shooter. People going 'We all have similar priorities. We all like Merle Haggard and we don't feel stupid about it."