I’ll try to keep it brief…


Simply put, the producer acts as the visionary for where the overall sound of the music will go. They overlook the recording, mixing and mastering.  Producers are generally  musicians, but some are engineers, and some are dj’s.


What do I bring to the table?

A vast knowledge of gear, analog and digital. You could call me a “tone pig”… but please, no other    names.


I bring an honest and “zen-like” approach in vocalizing ideas for the music at hand.


Time is money, but stress is a killer. I like work fast, but staying calm and focussed is a must, both for myself and the artist.


Quality and satisfaction are paramount.


A frank and fully-formed understanding of many musical genres.


A deep appreciation and knowledge of many instruments and the techniques for optimal performance, therein.


My ethos

I make records I am proud of. Period.  No bullshit. The record isn’t done until we are all satisfied.

Let’s make a history we are proud of.



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